Sunday, August 21, 2011

Allow Me To Introduce Myself....

My name is Sheba. I am a licensed stylist, braider, barber and natural hair care specialist at Back To Life Unisex  Barber and Braid Shop at 7468 Tidewater Drive in Norfolk, VA. I have a very diverse client base and experience with all hair types. My job is to educate and guide my clients through their hair journeys. Though natural hair is my specialty, I serve all clients. As I experiment with new products, I will update and advise as to what they do for me or my clients. I will also share my experiences and journey as a stylist.

The demand for natural hair care stylists has grown at a fast pace in the past decade but the main problems that many of my clients have come to me with are 1. most stylists do not know the appropriate way to handle natural hair 2. a lot of stylists do not listen to the client and meet their needs and 3. a lot of stylists overbook and show little to no consideration for the clients' time. Having grown up with a stylist who did excellent work but was always overbooked and held me captive in the salon for what seemed like, forever... I wanted to have a different layout for my clients. I try to personalize each visit and reduce wait time for each individual client. I have set up online booking so that there is no discrepancy with price, what is expected and/or required of the client, what you should expect and/or require from me, the stylist, and other helpful tips to make for a satisfying experience. I only place one person in a time slot and I try to allow for sufficient time for each service so that each client doesn't have a wait time greater than 30 minutes when they come in for their appointment. I welcome all input from the client and try to reasonably accommodate any requests. The value I place on communication has been essential for my success.

Welcome to my world!

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