Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Holiday Season Is Upon Us....

The next few months will be busy, busy, busy...

October will be dedicated to teachers and school professionals, as well as parents/children with special needs

November will be dedicated to military/veterans, EMT, nurses and medical professionals, police and correctional officers

Quarter 1 of the Styles For Grades Program kicks off in November 30, 2015

The holiday season is around the corner!

2015 clients, be on the lookout in your inbox for the holiday newsletter, with an early release of the December Deal-A-Day calendar and 12 Days of Healthy Hair specials before anyone else gets it. Also, each individual client will receive something special to show appreciation for another year of your patronage. It's highly recommended to schedule early for the holiday season.

Please consider supporting my "Styles For Grades" Program by making a donation to support rewarding students for academic excellence thru the link below. All transactions are secure and handled via Paypal.